Current laboratory team

Jamie DeWitt, PhD, DABT
Principle Investigator who actually still does lab work! Jamie loves days when everyone is in the lab working together to collect data.
Qing Hu
Research Specialist who is our cellular and molecular specialist. Qing dedicates herself to several projects in the lab.

Tracey Woodlief, PhD
Faculty Research Instructor who is our metabolic expert. Tracey is bridging the gap between mitochondrial physiology and toxicology with her recent CHHE award.
Krystal Taylor
Doctoral Student who is rapidly becoming our expert on B cell metabolism through the SRP award. Krystal is interested in the immunology side of immunotoxicology.

Emma Tobin
Masters Student who successfully defended her thesis and starts in the doctoral program in Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at NC State University in August, 2021! Congratulations to Emma!
Erica Stewart
Masters Student who is working on the DIT project funded by the EPA. Erica is expanding the project to include additional markers of developmental and reproductive toxicity. Erica will graduate this summer and is actively looking for a job!!
Undergraduate Students
Cole Sealey and Megan Harmon (yay! undergrads back in the lab!!!)